Dhiraagu Reaches to R.Meedhoo with Fiber

Maldivian telecommunication service provider Dhiraagu expands fiber optic network to the island of Meedhoo. Dhiraagu will provide high-speed internet and IPTV services to the customers in the island.

High-speed internet and IPTV services will be now close to the potential customers, states a press release issued on December 25 by Dhiraagu. Apart from R. Meedhoo, two other islands of R Atoll are currently covered by Dhiraagu’s Fibre To The Home and TV services. Since 2016, Dhiraagu has expanded its fiber broadband service to Hulhumale’, Male’, Villimale’ and over 50 other islands through fiber-optic cable. Dhiraagu Fiber broadband includes a package which provides speeds of up to 100 Mbps.

Dhiraagu has launched promotion, offering a free connection of its fiber broadband services with a monthly discount of 25% for the first three months on any fiber-optic broadband connection. Customers can take up the Dhiraagu Fiber Broadband service by visiting Dhiraagu Customer Service Centres. Existing broadband customers can also apply for a package upgrade through Dhiraagu Online Services.

R. Meedhoo island is 154.56 km northwest of Maldivian capital, Malé.

Dhiraagu Reaches to R.Meedhoo with Fiber 1

During the inauguration ceremony of the service, a grand gathering party was held in R.Meedhoo. The opening ceremony included a children’s evening and some entertaining activities.

Dhiraagu has been working to provide Fiber optic broadband services throughout the Maldives at a quickly paced manner. 70 percent of the Maldivian population can now access Dhiraagu’s optical fiber network. Dhiraagu started deployments seriously from 2016 and now Dhiraagu High-speed Fiber internet services are available in Male’, Vilimale’, Hulhumale’ and 50 plus islands.

Dhiraagu has started promoting its fixed broadband product from November of 2018. In this promotion, fiber connection will be made free of cost and subscribers can avail 25% discount from the monthly fees throughout the first three months.

Dhiraagu (Dhivehi) is the first Maldivian telecommunications company, which was established in 1988. The name “Dhiraagu” is an acronym for Dhivehi Raajjeygé Gulhun, literally meaning “Connection of Maldives”.

Dhiraagu maintains one of the world’s longest microwave links over water. This 65 km link across the equator connects Fuvahmulah and Gaafu Dhaalu – and therefore Gaafu Alifu Atoll.

Though Dhiraagu is the first Maldivian telecommunications company, it’s not the first to start the service the service in the country. Telecommunication service was started on December 23, 1943, by the Maldivian government. Cable and Wireless started its operations as the telecom provider.in 1977 and later, in 1988, Cable and Wireless joined hands with the government of the Maldives to form a joint venture company, Dhiraagu, making it the first ever Maldivian telecommunication company.

Dhiraagu introduced ADSL based broadband services in 2006. The same year, the operator established a submarine fiber cable and also connected with Sri Lanka by a submarine fiber optic cable. In 2014 Dhiraagu introduces VDSL services to the Maldives under the brand name “UltraFast Broadband”. In 2015, Dhiraagu introduced FTTH services to the Maldives under the brand name “Dhiraagu Fiber Broadband”.

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