Conterra Selects Ciena Packet Optical Platform and Aggregation Switch

Conterra Networks has selected Packet Optical Platform and Aggregation switches from Ciena. Conterra Networks providing communication services to enterprise, government and wholesale carriers in 22 States in the United States is expanding its deployment of Ciena solutions.

Conterra Networks (Conterra Ultra Broadband Holdings, Inc.) is a fiber optic network solution provider that serves to enterprise, schools, in South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, El Paso, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Central Eastern TX, and Bay area in the Western United States.

Conterra will use Ciena’s 6500 Packet-Optical Platform as its core switch. Conterra is also expanding its deployment of Ciena’s 5170 Service Aggregation Switch. This 100 Gbps aggregation switch will allow Conterra to expand its offerings of MEF-compatible services such as E-Line and E-LAN services.

Ciena’s network management software will provide Conterra a greater level of control over its network, providing end-to-end visibility of its services across all transport, switching, and packet network elements. This will also make it easier for Conterra to rapidly and reliably deploy new services and optimize the use of its current network and bandwidth assets.

Ciena’s 6500 Packet Optical Platform

Fiber optic network solution providers are looking for more adaptive network solutions such as the programmable infrastructure that can scale and respond on dynamically changing customer demands and unpredictable traffic patterns.

Ciena’s 6500 Packet Optical Platform has the capability to address these challenges directly by providing a technology-leading programmable infrastructure that enables the software control, automation, and intelligence required for a more adaptive network.

Ciena’s 6500 Platform converges packet, OTN, and flexible WaveLogic Photonics capabilities in a single platform, as well as across multiple shelf configurations. This will help network owners to streamline operations by reducing the number of equipment, which in turn reduce the power consumption. The system features advanced instrumentation and embedded intelligence across all layers, with the full suite of open APIs and modern data models needed for real-time network telemetry and increased automation and simplified operations.

Ciena’s 5170 Service Aggregation Switch

The data explosion around the world and the construction of hyperscale datacenters demands. The bandwidth demand multiplies each year that results in significant changes to the patterns, dynamics, and scale of traffic within metro networks. Space is increasingly limited and expensive. Network operators face substantial capital expenditures to activate new locations or must retire active equipment in data centers to free space for adding new services. Addressing bandwidth demand growth by deploying more and larger equipment is simply not a sustainable business model.

The 5170 is built to provide seamless MEF-compliant along with L2 and L3 services over a carrier-class, connection-oriented infrastructure using MPLS. It enables 100GbE service delivery or 10GbE service aggregation in an energy and footprint efficient form factor. The footprint and power efficiency of 5170 allows the addition of 10GbE services without growing the operator’s footprint.

Conterra is one of the largest remaining independent broadband infrastructure companies in the United States based on its fiber assets and revenues. The company is majority owned by Court Square Capital, a private investment firm with approximately US$5 billion under management, with the remaining ownership largely held by Conterra’s management team. The company’s institutional financial partners include Toronto Dominion Bank, Bank of America, CoBank, ING Capital, Fifth Third Bank, Regions Bank, and Webster Bank.

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