BT Offers Complete Wi-Fi to Fibre Broadband Subscribers


British Telecom (BT) announced the extension of its popular Complete Wi-Fi package to its new Superfast and Ultrafast Fibre broadband customers. In a smart move to attract new fibre broadband customers, BT offers Complete Wi-Fi -that guarantees a strong wi-fi signal in every room of their home to the fibre broadband customers.

BT Logo and Complete Wi-Fi written on a black background that shows BT Wi-Fi routers

Complete Wi-Fi guarantees customers wall-to-wall coverage and provides faster wi-fi speeds – boosting average speeds in a four-bedroom house by up to 25%. Complete Wi-Fi is now available for new Superfast Fibre customers, including on entry-level Superfast Fibre Essential plans from just £39.99 per month. Complete Wi-Fi is available for new customers on Superfast Fibre Essential, Superfast Fibre and Superfast Fibre 2 plans for an additional £10 per month. For existing or new BT Plus customers it’s an additional £5 per month.

The advantage of this offer is mobility. Fixed fibre broadband connections are limited by the nature of the technology. Since the fixed broadband is connected through ethernet cables, it is best suitable for personal computers, laptops, and television sets. Seamless, uninterrupted service can be enjoyed by having a fixed connection. However, if we want to use the internet on our smartphones, tablets, kindles etc while moving inside the home or by sitting at a different room, Wi-FI is the best option.

BT’s package of Complete Wi-Fi will help it retain the customers who wish to have mobility for the internet services. Complete Wi-Fi was initially launched to BT Plus customers in November and is part of BT’s commitment to providing customers with the best connections, at home, and on the go.

Unlike current Wi-Fi extenders, Complete Wi-Fi from BT uses unique Wi-Fi Discs which pair with the new BT Smart Hub 2 – the UK’s most powerful hub – creating a single seamless, powerful wi-fi network in a customer’s home. Complete Wi-Fi enables both wall-to-wall coverage and faster Wi-Fi speeds, allowing customers to stream HD video content in more places around the home. A four-bedroom home could see an increase in Wi-Fi speeds of up to 25% around the home with just one disc.

BT provides an app to its customers to set-up Complete Wi-Fi on their smartphones. Around 10 million homes in the UK requires a solution to their wi-fi dead spots. According to a study by BT, 43% of people believe poor wi-fi restricts life at home, 52% of families are put off living in, or buying, a house with wi-fi black spots, and 43% of families claim they would be more productive and happy if their wi-fi worked across the whole home.

How Does BT Guarantees Wi-FI?
Fibre broadband subscribers will receive a next-generation Smart Hub 2 and one Wi-Fi Disc to extend their wi-fi signal around their home. In case this doesn’t work, they will receive up to two more discs free of charge. BT promise to return £20 the subscriber if all the above options fail to deliver Complete Wi-Fi.

What is Next generation Smart Hub from BT?
Next generation Smart Hub 2 from BT is an advanced router available from a broadband provider, with a combination of unique features to deliver fast speeds throughout the home. It provides seven antennas uniquely positioned to maximise power, the latest Wi-Fi technology, smart channel selection, smart scan, and clever app-based services to help them set up and manage their home Wi-Fi.

Benefits of BT Plus
BT Plus provides Ultrafast fibre broadband with an average speed of 300Mbps (with a guaranteed minimum speed of 100Mbps even at peak times). BT Plus customers get a free upgrade to the provider’s 4G and double the mobile data allowance.

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