Antin Prepares to Acquire Eurofiber


The Netherlands based Infrastructure funding company Antin Infrastructure Partners has reached an agreement with Doughty Hanson and Reggeborgh to acquire all shares in Eurofiber Group. The acquisition is valued at around less than 1 billion US dollars. Even after acquiring, Eurofiber will continue to act as an independent organization, and business operations and strategy will be maintained under the current management. The new shareholder offers Eurofiber the opportunity to further accelerate its growth in telecommunications infrastructure in and outside of the Netherlands. The transaction is expected to close at the end of May 2015.

Antin IP has endorsed Eurofiber’s business model of open telecommunication networks. Antin have long identified optical fiber networks as a highly attractive asset class. It exhibits very robust infrastructure characteristics as it provides an essential service in hosting increasing data flows and meeting soaring business connectivity requirements. Eurofiber is a well-established player in a high growth market which benefits from a unique nationwide network with high capillarity.


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