YOFC Opens New Manufacturing Division in Lanzhou District


China-based Yangtze Optical Fiber and Cable Co. Ltd (YOFC) announced the commencement of operation of their new manufacturing facility for optical fibers and cables in Lanzhou. The fully owned subsidiary company of YOFC in the New District of Lanzhou starts its partial operation at a time when there is a shortage of optical fibers worldwide. The new manufacturing facility is estimated to compensate for the shortage in the supply of optical fibers and cables.

According to the YOFC, the new company is a collaboration between Zhejiang Lianfei, which will be located in the Yangtze Qianjiang Technology Park project. Top management people from YOFC and Municipal authorities had joined the opening ceremony. The construction of the factory was started in 2015. The manufacturing facility and the related buildings will be built in three phases. The first phase of the project has been completed. The management appreciated the staff in YOFC for the early completion of the first phase, which was 20 days ahead of the planned schedule.

YOFC is the leading enterprise of China’s optical fiber and cable manufacturing industry, which had entered into a joint venture agreement with Japan-based optical preform manufacturer Shin-Etsu to produce optical preforms in China. YOFC had also expanded its optical fiber cable manufacturing division in South Africa. YOFC is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of optical fiber preform and the second-largest fiber and cable supplier. YOFC’s products are widely used by telecommunications operators, as well as in electricity, broadcasting, transport, education, national defense, medical and other fields.

YOFC says their products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions including the United States, Japan, South Korea, etc. The New District, as the fifth national district, is the country’s important strategic platform opening to the west. Located along the silk route, the new factory location has huge potential for development. YOFC hopes to meet the demand of the Northwest area by taking advantage of the development and opening of the New District as well as the brand, technology, and market and rely on the “One Belt And One Road” development strategy to radiate Central Asia.

YOFC Lanzhou will follow the direction of YOFC (the headquarter), continue to focus on supplying fiber optic cable and delivering integrated solutions, to promote the widespread use of Chinese and global fiber as well as the progress and development of optical communication technology.

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  1. There is worldwide shortage for optical fibers. Interesting to know that new companies and expansion of industry leading companies are happening. Can YOFC supply optical fibers to India now?

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