Vodafone Offers 500 Mbps Over Fiber Networks in 3 Italian Cities


Vodafone Italia has announced the offer of 500 Mbps broadband speeds over Fiber to the home networks in the cities of Milan, Bologna, and Turin. Vodafone claims that it’s the first Italian operator to offer residential fiber-optic broadband services at these speeds. The new ‘Super Fibre Family’ offer comes with FTTH at up to 500 Mbps plus unlimited calls to Italian landline and mobile numbers and international landlines, for EUR 30 per month for the first 12 months and EUR 34 per month thereafter.

Vodafone’s offer also includes 6 months’ subscription to Netflix, normally costing EUR 9.99 per month. Other new plans announced by Vodafone include ‘Super Fibre’, with FTTH at up to 300 Mbps plus unlimited calls to national landline and mobile numbers (19 euro cents set up fee payable), for EUR 25 per month for the first 12 months and EUR 29 per month thereafter.

Vodafone has plans to gradually migrate all customers currently subscribed to FTTC at a maximum of 30 Mbps to its FTTC 100 Mbps service free of charge. The operator previously announced plans to expand its 100 Mbps technology to 150 cities throughout Italy by the end of the year thanks to its Project Spring investment program.

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