Vietnam Announces Broadband Development Plan

Vietnam is planning for a leap in broadband deployment. The Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has approved a program for the development of the country’s high speed telecoms infrastructure. Vietnam aims for a broadband penetration rate of 40 percent in the coming 4 years. The projects are scheduled to be completed by 2020.

Vietnam Government realizes the fact that accelerating the broadband deployment is essential for overall growth. High speed broadband delivered over fiber optic networks have the potential to raise the GDP of the country. Vietnam is home to around 10 fiber optic cable manufacturers and the state owned Viettel, which is the largest telecom operator in the country. Broadband deployment acceleration program will help these companies staying in business.

The nation-wide fixed broadband program aims to ensure a minimum downstream speed of 25 Mbps by 2020 delivered over fixed internet cables to the subscribers. The plan also targets that all of the country’s public internet access points will use a fixed broadband service by that date, half of which will use a minimum download connection rate of 50 Mbps.

The broadband development plan ensure at least 95 percent of the residential areas will be covered with 3G/4G networks. These mobile networks would be capable of delivering a downstream speed of 4 Mbps in Cities and 2 Mbps in villages. Broadband development program also aims to promote application of digital content and ICT services. Fiber optic networks support e-government, e-commerce and disaster prevention systems apart from broadband delivery.

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