Verizon Decides to Deploy MDU Cables from OFS

Verizon Communications Inc. had decided to procure and install OFS’ EZ-Bend® multiple dwelling units (MDU) drop cable which Verizon will use in their MDU FIOS applications.

The focus of major fiber optic cable and accessories suppliers also have been changing ever since the FTTH boom has started. Fiber optic cable manufacturing units were concentrating on long-haul fiber-optic network projects in order to run the business. Most of the developed countries decided to switch the telecommunication networks to optical technology and this trend is being followed by developing economies.

The increasing demand for fiber optic cables in the changed market scenario is driven by the FTTH deployments around the world. We hear news from many corners daily about new fiber optic projects. Let it be the news from Oman that Omantel has started FTTH or from Australia or US that Verizon is continuing their FTTB deployments or NTT from Japan that their target is 20 million FTTH subscribers by the end of 2010.

Whatever be the news, we hear very little bad news related to fiber optics. Most of the fiber optic projects are going good and the funding is also supported by major financial institutions in every country. The demand to meet the bandwidth-hungry services throughout the world has to be driven by telecom operators. Local telecom operators have to take initiative to push in order to build new fiber-optic infrastructure. Let it be in Europe or East Asia or the US, the demand has to be supported by the decisions of major telecom players in respective regions.

We heard such good news from OFS press release that Verizon Communications Inc. had decided to procure and install OFS’ EZ-Bend® multiple dwelling units (MDU) drop cable which Verizon will use in their MDU FIOS applications.   OFS’ leading MDU drop cables will support cost economical installation of fiber to the home or fiber to the building. Optical fiber deployments at the premises have to be cost-effective in order to make it attractive to the subscribers.

Faster installation and easy plug and play devices with the optical fiber which is capable of supporting the harsh installation conditions of MDU is one of the major deciding factors while selecting a good fiber optic drop cable for MDU application. OFS’ EZ-Bend technology offers up to much more improvement in the bending loss performance over traditional single-mode fiber type MDU cables under sever bend locations while using for MDU wiring.

OFS says that their EZ-Bend technology is the first that has targeted MDU wiring and provides less than 0.1dB/turn bending loss performance at 1550nm. OFS EZ-Bend fibers are fully compatible with typically installed fibers. Conventional splicing method can be employed for EZ-Bend fibers.

World leading fiber optic products manufacturers like OFS have also been supporting the growing FTTx market. They must have invested money and effort to develop suitable cables for MDU application and this dedication is significant and is an essential driving factor for the growth of FTTx.

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