Ultrabroadband to Address the COVID-19 Emergency in Italy


Communication plays a major role in containing the pandemic. Telecommunication networks all over the world have been supporting our fight against the COVID-19 virus. TIM (Telecom Italia) along with the in-house company of Italy’s Ministry of Economic Development, Infratel Italia will lay fiber-optic cables to deliver ultrabroadband in eight regions in the country to address the emergency situation caused by COVID-19.

Cable deployment work has already been carried out in 241 municipalities covered by the plan, rising to 320 by May through the switch-on of over 1,600 cabinets.

TIM and Infratel Italia are accelerating the development of ultrabroadband in Italy to address the COVID-19 emergency, adding further impetus to cabling programs leading to the “switch on” of all the infrastructure to access the public fiber-optic network installed by Infratel in eight regions: Abruzzo, Sardinia, Tuscany, Puglia, Calabria, Lazio, Lombardy, and Marche.

All of the “white areas” are subject to direct intervention by Infratel Italia and not under concession. Work has already been carried out in 241 municipalities, rising to 310 by May with the switch-on of over 1,600 cabinets.

The initiative, which follows on from the agreement signed last July, concerns the municipalities covered by the “direct model”, which aims to build ultrabroadband networks in so-called “white areas” not previously put out to tender. About 1 million citizens, businesses and public administrations in the municipalities involved will benefit from the program.

The new roadmap developed by Infratel Italia and TIM speeds up infrastructural work, with Infratel providing fiber-optic backbones and TIM subsequently delivering local loops to street cabinets and installing electronics components.

TIM will acquire a significant amount of dark-fiber infrastructure built by Infratel as part of the initiative, which is a major example of a virtuous synergy between the public and private sectors to bridge the digital divide in Italy, in keeping with the country’s strategy to spread ultrabroadband.

TIM is using this infrastructure to bring ultrabroadband to the municipalities served by the project, delivering networks using FTTC (a total of 653) and FTTH (15) technology.

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