Towns in Bluewater Gets Fiber Optic Connectivity


Three towns in Bluewater will get connected to the high-speed broadband network through optical fiber cables by the end of 2015. Varna, Brucefield, Bayfield are the three cities where the deployment of next-generation networks is Progressing. Once completed, the network would connect residents and businesses in Bluewater to the ultra-fast internet with the rest of the world.
Tuckersmith Communications and Hay Communications are building the fiber optic network and the work is in the last leg of completing fiber optic construction in Varna, Brucefield, and Bayfield.

Bluewater is a town located in Huron County, Ontario, Canada. It was formed in 2001 when the Government of Ontario instituted the amalgamation of municipalities throughout the province. Specifically, the former townships of Hay and Stanley were merged with the villages of Bayfield, Hensall, and Zurich.


Tuckersmith Communications provides information and entertainment services in Mid-Huron. Tuckersmith spends around 2.5 million Canadian dollars on constructing fiber optic networks in a year to provide telecommunications and entertainment services to its subscribers. The company ensures that the construction work will not disrupt daily life drastically in places of deployment. Every effort has been made to limit the interference to public life.

Ontario based Hay Communications is an independent Telecommunications service provider who delivers phone service to the communities of Grand Bend, Zurich, Dashwood, and the surrounding rural and lakeshore residents. Hay Communications also provides services to people and businesses outside of their territory facilities permit.

The fiber optic network deployment will be completed and ready for service before the end of 2015.

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