The Free State of Saxony Funds Fiber Deployment in Bautzen

German telecommunication operator Deutsche Telekom has announced the launch of its fiber-optic network in Bautzen district benefitting nearly 56,000 households and businesses in 55 municipalities. Bautzen in East Germany, which is 184 km away from Berlin is known for its medieval towers.

Allocation of the fund for broadband network construction is one of the major obstacles being faced by governments and network developers. Fortunately for this project, the Free State of Saxony has agreed to provide a fund of 24 million euros.

The project includes installation of around 4,000 kilometers of optical fiber cables, of which 1,500 kilometers are underground cables. More than 1,100 new fiber-optic multifunction cabinets will also be installed for fiber management. The network is designed to offer a download speed up to 1 gigabit per second (Gbit/s), which is becoming common in many broadband developed countries.

The optical fiber network will support a digital application like video streaming, gaming, or working from home, as well as technologies like virtual reality, telemedicine, and smart home solutions.

The Premier of Free State of Saxony told that his administration wants to speed up broadband roll-out throughout Saxony. Broadband, that too high-speed broadband delivered over fiber optic cables is necessary for the social and economic development of humankind. The progress achieved from industrial development era shall be continued by deploying high-speed broadband networks. Investing in broadband is like investing in the future.

The Premier also added that the fiber-optic build-out in the Bautzen district is good for the development of the entire region. That’s why, in addition to the federal government, the government of the Free State is supporting this roll-out with 24 million euros in funding.

Deutsche Telekom CEO said that the Telekom is committed to removing the digital divide. People in rural areas as well should get access to modern telecommunication facilities. In less than a year, the first residents of the Bautzen district will be able to surf the web at speeds of 1 gigabit. That will make this district one of the first in Germany to have the world-beating digital infrastructure.

High-speed broadband over optical fiber can become a reality if all stakeholders work together. It is practically difficult for a single company to roll out optical fiber across Germany. That was the reason behind asking the Free State of Saxony to join hands together. The fund will help the Telekom to ensure faster deployment of gigabit network with maximum possible coverage.

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