Telus Plans Investment in Edmonton

Canadian Telecom operator, TELUS has disclosed its plans to invest $275 million in new infrastructure and facilities in Edmonton this year to connect even more homes and businesses directly to TELUS’ gigabit-enabled fibre optic network; increase wireless capacity to meet growing demand; and to improve the reach, speed and capacity of TELUS’ high-speed Internet.

This significant investment is part of TELUS’ commitment to invest $4.5 billion in Alberta through 2019 to extend fibre optic infrastructure directly to thousands of homes and businesses in rural and urban communities, further strengthen wireless service, and support key services including healthcare and education with new technologies. By the end of 2019, TELUS will have invested $46 billion in Alberta since the year 2000.

“With our gigabit-enabled TELUS Fibre network build in Edmonton well underway, homes and businesses right here are already starting to benefit from dramatically enhanced high-speed Internet, as well as improved wireless capacity and reach,” said Zainul Mawji, TELUS vice-president of broadband networks. “We’re deploying some of the most advanced networks in the world in Edmonton, and remain committed to investing across our city and province throughout these challenging economic times, opening up exciting new possibilities in education, entertainment, healthcare and commerce.”

TELUS’ infrastructure and technology investments will advance services for the benefit of all Albertans. In Alberta, TELUS is:

• Building new wireless sites to add capacity and extend the reach of its wireless network in rural areas, while enhancing and extending LTE – the world’s fastest and most advanced wireless technology – to more than 99 per cent of Albertans;

• Connecting even more communities directly to the gigabit-enabled TELUS Fibre network this year, including Edmonton and Westlock. Since 2013 TELUS has connected residences, businesses, schools and healthcare providers in 20 Alberta communities directly to fibre optic infrastructure and the next-generation of Internet and TV services, enabling residential speeds up to 150 mbps and the ability to access faster speeds as technologies and demand evolve. For more information and a map of the communities currently connected to TELUS Fibre, visit;

• Expanding its healthcare solutions. Currently TELUS provides electronic medical records to more than 15,000 Canadian physicians as well as health benefits management solutions to more than 10,000 pharmacies, 11,000 dental clinics and 33,000 extended healthcare providers across the country. TELUS Health has invested more than $1.6 billion to bring patient-centred solutions to market to improve the flow of information across the healthcare continuum, including partnering with the Alberta government to introduce online Personal Health Records, enabling better health outcomes for Albertans and all Canadians;

• Investing in Internet-connected devices to promote the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) in Alberta, driving solutions that will enable all sectors to further their global competitive advantage, reduce their environmental impact, and increase worker safety;

• Advancing security measures including analytics, cloud-based security services and integrated security solutions to help Albertan businesses maintain strong security against a rapidly-growing number of online threats;

• Enhancing the capacity of its advanced Internet data centres to meet the growing needs of its current and future clients in Alberta and across Canada. Combined with TELUS’ expanded cloud portfolio, Albertan businesses now have access to a full suite of managed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions that includes public and private cloud options, as well as Canada’s first hybrid cloud offering built on the Industry-leading Cisco Cloud Architecture for the Microsoft Cloud Platform; and

• Giving back to the community by contributing more than $4.2 million in grants through TELUS Optik Local, which funds artists in Alberta and British Columbia to support the production of local and original stories which are showcased on Optik TV’s Video on Demand.

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