Telecom Field Engineer in WestTel International


Company Introduction

WestTel International is a computer software company located in Denver, Colorado. We design, manufacture, sell and install 9-1-1 emergency call handling telephone systems used in police departments throughout the United States and abroad. Our team has been developing 9-1-1 Systems since 2002 and we have a fun and exciting start-up atmosphere. Want to join us? Here’s what we’re looking for…

Job Description

Telecom Field Engineer based in the Denver area with experience programming and installing PBX systems (e.g. not limited to Cisco Call Manager, Avaya, Mitel, ShorTel, Switchvox, etc., etc.). Must have a broad VoIP background to contribute to the continued development of our existing products as well as the design and development of new products from the ground up. Must be open to learning new technologies as we work with a wide range of software, equipment and telephone systems. Your primary responsibility will be the installation of our 9-1-1 System and its integration with a variety of PBX systems. Travel to customer sites is required. Additionally, you must have strong networking experience as well as a fundamental understanding of VMware, Microsoft Windows and Linux.


Installation of our 9-1-1 System and integration with a variety of PBX systems
Installation of our PBX offering
Customer Support of our 9-1-1 and PBX Systems
Assist in development of our 9-1-1 and PBX Systems
Assist in the QA testing of products
Document current and future product offerings

Strong proficiency in VoIP
In-depth understanding of network design and security
In-depth understanding of TCP/IP, UDP and related protocols
Experience with VMware and other hypervisor technologies
Experience with Microsoft Windows
Experience with Microsoft Linux
Excellent documentation practices
Strong verbal and written communications skills
9-1-1 or Public Safety experience a plus

Bachelors in CS, CE, or EE required (or equivalent experience)

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