TelBru Brings Fiber to Tanah Jambu

TelBru has deployed fiber optic cables in the Tanah Jambu area in Brunei in order to deliver fiber to the home services to the residents. The service provider announced the completion of fiber optic cable installations in the area and informed that it is now ready to provide FTTH internet connections to those who are looking for high-speed connectivity.

TelBru offers a broadband speed of up to 300Mbps to its subscribers. TelBru broadband plans start from 10Mbps and end at a maximum speed of 300Mbps. TelBru’s plans up to 30Mbps are limited for monthly data usage. It’s unlimited data plans starts from 60 Mbps.

Below is the summary of TelBru broadband offering;

1.10 Mbps (105 GB data) – US$58.20/month
2.15 Mbps (160 GB data) – US$73/month
3.20 Mbps (220 GB data) – US$80.3/month
4.30 Mbps (320 GB data) – US$125.3/month
5.60 Mbps (unlimited data) – US$258/month
6.100 Mbps (unlimited data) – US$332/month
7.300 Mbps (unlimited data) – US$883.4/month

TelBru broadband poster (TelBru brings fiber to Tanah Jambu)

Tanah Jambu, near the Salambigar Industrial Area, accommodates several major foreign direct investment (FDI) companies. Tanah Jambu is a settlement in the northeastern part of Brunei-Muara District, Brunei. Tanah Jambu is officially a village subdivision of Mentiri, a subdistrict of the district. Tanah Jambu comprises the original village settlement, as well as the Tanah Jambu public housing estates of Landless Indigenous Citizens’ Housing Scheme and National Housing Scheme.

TelBru uses modern technology to deliver high-speed internet over fiber optic cables. As per the nation’s Vision 2035, the provider strives to improve upon its services to the subscribers in Brunei. TelBru has plans to enhance the broadband speeds to 1 Gbps in the future.

TelBru aims to connect over 5,000 homes over the next few months under the accelerated Internet deployment scheme. The provider has plans to announce more areas where fiber technology will be made available. The places include residential areas in Brunei-Muara and Temburong districts as well as an industrial site in Seria.

TelBru hopes to contribute to the economic growth of the Bruneians through increased access to business opportunities, education, and communication to the rest of the world. TelBru hopes it can contribute to the nation’s GDP as several studies have shown that 10 percent of FTTH penetration to citizens has the potential to increase a country’s GDP up to 1.5 percent.

As the premier telecommunications company in Brunei Darussalam and a leading service provider for fixed line, broadband services, leased lines and data services, Telekom Brunei Berhad (TelBru) has set a strategic direction and develop a comprehensive plan to achieve its objectives in order to build a successful, sustainable and profitable telecoms business.

TelBru was incorporated on the 30th May 2002 under the Company Act Chapter 39 as a Public Limited Company and has been fully operational since April 2006 when Department of Telekom Brunei (JTB) was corporatized on 1st April 2006.

Today the company employs more than 900 staff and is undergoing a major transformation which aims to dominate the broadband market share and move up the ICT value chain from pure infrastructure to the provider of value-added services. It will continue to offer innovative products to address customer needs at affordable rates at the same time enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, and greater employee satisfaction.

TelBru has begun a strategy of ongoing transformation that has reshaped the company to what it is now – a dynamic and transformed organization with a high-performance work culture, effective leadership, and highly motivated and performance-driven workforce.

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