Tanzania to Continue Third Phase of National Fiber Network


Tanzanian government plans to continue construction of the third phase of the National Information and Communication Technology Broadband Backbone (NICTBB) from August 2015.. The government wants to ensure that all the districts are connected with broadband internet network. The Minister for Communications, Science and Technology revealed government’s plan to launch national internet data center at a time when the deployment of national fiber optic cable network will begin. Construction of both infrastructures are interlinked and can be done together.

Minister said that the proposed national data center at the Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) will be built with high-tech infrastructure to host all government and business services. Apart from providing high speed broadband connectivity, fiber optic cables can bring better governance, generally known as e-governance. e-governance is not limited to the governance over fiber optic communication infrastructure built to connect government institutions and offices. Fiber optic infrastructure support faster communication services that will help government offices at remote areas to get connected the headquarters at higher speeds.

The fiber optic network deployment is implemented in five phases. Over seven thousand kilometers of fiber optic cables connecting headquarters in 24 regions had already deployed in the first and second phase of construction. The first and second phase connected Dar-es-Salaam to other regions in the country and also neighbouring countries such as Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda.

The third phase of the project was in fact commenced in December 2013 in areas where the first and second phase of the networks did not reach. The network deployment is progressing gradually taking its own time depending on the availability of funds. The Minister said that the national internet data center to be constructed on a 3,050 square meter space is one among three centers earmarked to be built in Dar es Salaam, Dodoma and Zanzibar.

The national internet data center is designed to have 184 telecommunication racks and 1010 server space providing a network platform for big data, cloud computing, data mining and other similar data services. Fiber optic infrastructure has helped to improve video conferencing, interconnection charges, establishment of computer emergency response team, telecommunication traffic system, post codes and digital transmission.


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