TACTV Plans to Deploy Own Fiber Optic Networks in Tamilnadu

CATV and Internet service provider, TACTV (Arasu Cable TV Corporation Ltd) has announced their plans to deploy their own optical fiber cable networks throughout the state. The service provider plans to reach the rural areas of Tamilnadu, India, with optical fiber cables that will enable the company to deliver faster internet services to its subscribers. Aerial fiber optic installation is planned so that existing electrical poles can be utilized to deploy cables. Sub-stations and transmission lines of Tamilnadu Transmission Corporation Ltd (Tantransco) and Tamilnadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Ltd (Tangedco) can be utilized so that initial deployment cost can be reduced drastically.

Aerial fiber optic cable deployments are cheaper compared to the duct and direct buried deployments. A study conducted by the FTTH Council Europe reveals the fact that around 68 percent of the total FTTH deployment cost comes from the civil works. Civil work costs can be significantly reduced by choosing aerial deployments. The cost can be further reduced by choosing to install on the existing pole infrastructures. By opting for aerial deployment, TACTV hopes to save from deployment costs.

By deploying optical fiber cable networks throughout the state the operator estimates to deliver 10 to 20 Mbps internet connection to households, broadband connection to government offices, schools, and businesses, and create a central network operating center in the state capital, Chennai as well as one point of presence (PoP) each at the district, taluk and block headquarters.

TACTV has issued a tender for implementing the project. The fiber-optic network will be compatible with both IPv6 and IPv4 networks and made available to businesses, including telecom providers, cable operators, and entrepreneurs. This network will enable wireless, cable operations, ISPs, and future technologies like “white-space spectrum” to provide last mile services and innovations. The tender invites consultants to prepare a detailed project report (DPR) for the fiber optic cable network.

The scope of the consultant includes studying route maps of the transmission lines, sub-stations, and creating a route plan for connecting city aggregation PoP and distribution POPs.

Tantransco, which is a subsidiary of TNEB (Tamilnadu Electricity Board) Ltd has nearly 30,000 km of extra high tension lines (EHT) under its jurisdiction. It has also laid about 2,000 km of optical fiber cable on EHT transmission towers and the work is in various stages of completion for about another 2,000 km. Tangedco, a generation, and distribution company have 588,000 km of low tension lines.

TACTV plans to build an all-fiber optic network by utilizing the spare fibers available from Tantransco and laying fresh fiber optic cables on EHT lines. The service provider plan to cover the last-mile by installing fiber optic cables overhead on low tension lines or underground to reach the designated PoPs.

TACTV has a subscriber base of around 7 million in the state of Tamilnadu. Deployment of fiber optic cables will benefit the subscribers with faster internet and seamless transmission of television content. The provider has sent a detailed project report to the Central government to seek funds for connectivity to rural areas up to village panchayats under the BharatNet scheme. Tamilnadu has been ranked at the top of the states in India with the highest penetration of broadband. According to the report published by the telecom regulator of India, TRAI, there are more than 12 million broadband subscribers in Tamilnadu.


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