Sunrise Offers Fiber Optic Broadband in Fribourg


Switzerland based Sunrise Communications AG has launched calling, internet and TV services over its fiber optic networks in Fribourg. Customers of Sunrise in Fribourg will be able to access high speeds of up to 100 Mbps for uploads and downloads. High speed broadband services will provide enhanced user experience by providing seamless high definition television, faster internet services.

Sunrise Communication is in cooperation with FTTH FR for launching fiber optic high speed services in the region. FTTH FR provides the fiber optic networks. FTTH FR promotes the development of Fiber to the home services over fiber optic network in the entire territory of the Canton of Fribourg. The project is aiming to connect over 90 percent of private households and 100 percent of enterprises to the fast data network by 2028. Sunrise fiber optic network services are already available in Basel, Berne, Fribourg, Geneva, Lucerne, St. Gallen, Winterthur and Zurich.

Fribourg FTTH ServicesFibourg is the capital of the Swiss canton of Fribourg and the district of Sarine. Fribourg is located on both sides of the river Saane/Sarine, on the Swiss plateau, and is an important economic, administrative and educational center on the cultural border between German and French Switzerland. Its Old City, one of the best maintained in Switzerland, sits on a small rocky hill above the valley of the Sarine.

Sunrise Communications AG is a Swiss telecommunications provider based in Zurich. Sunrise has 2.99 million customers and is the second largest telecommunications company in Switzerland after Swisscom. The service provider gives mobile and landline phone and internet services. Formerly a subsidiary of TDC A/S, Sunrise had been owned by CVC Capital Partners until 2015.

FTTH FR SA is an independent company, founded in 2012. FTTH FR is a project to realize the installation of the fiber optic network throughout the canton of Fribourg, including town and country. By 2028, the project will connect over 90% of individuals and companies 100%. The tasks of FTTH FR include both the achievement and maintenance of the cantonal network and its operations and marketing.


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