STP Signs Supply Agreement with Aztelekom


Sumgayit Technology Park, shortly known as STP, the sole manufacturer of fiber optic cables in Azerbaijan had signed an agreement with Aztelekom for supply of optical fiber cables. As per the agreement, STP will provide fiber optic cables required by Aztelekom for building the networks in the country.

STP had started production of optical fiber cables within the last one year. The machines for producing optical fiber cables were supplied by the Knill Gruppe, which is one of the most famous and leading suppliers of fiber optic cable manufacturing machines worldwide.

Aztelekom has been buying fiber optic cables from foreign fiber optic cable suppliers for their projects. The supply agreement with STP will reduce the dependency of Aztelekom on foreign suppliers for fiber optic cables. Supply of fiber optic cables from STP will ensure faster deployment of projects, customization of fiber optic cables as per the specific requirements demanded by the country’s unique requirements and deployment conditions etc. Supply from within the country will reduce transportation cost and quicker delivery to the project sites to help timely execution of projects.

Azerbaijan has been planning to build broadband networks in an effort to provide high speed internet service to its citizens. Aztelekom as one of the leading national telecommunication operator is responsible to deploy broadband networks. Aztelekom will buy fiber optic cables for the broadband project from STP.

The work on the broadband project will start at the beginning of the second half of this year. The project is financed by Amsterdam Trade Bank. The amount of funds allocated by the bank for the project is around 15 million dollars..

STP produces varieties cables including LAN cables, electrical and instrumentation cables, power distribution cables apart from fiber optic cables. The technology park created by the government produces a variety of things including electrical equipment, cables, machine building materials, polymers such as polyethylene, XLPE, steel fabrication, overhead cranes, galvanized products, wagons, powder coating, sandwich panels, ventilation systems, solar collectors and industrial gases.

Fiber optic cables are under the Cable production shop-floor, where the company produces various kinds of cables. The cable production accounts for about 15 percent of the total production of technology. Sumgayit Technology Park produces about 10,000 types of cables including fiber optic cables. STP also produces 500 kv XLPE cables, which is one of the rarest products in the region due to the difficulty of manufacturing.

Sumgayit, which is also written as Sumgait or Sumqayit is one of the largest cities in Azerbaijan, that is located near the Caspian Sea. ST P is around 31 kilometers away from the country;s capital, Baku. The city has a population of more than 310,000, making it the third-largest city in Azerbaijan after the capital Baku and Ganja.


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