STI and SEIMITSU Partner to Serve Central Georgia

Southern Telecom Inc. (STI) has entered into a partnership agreement with SEIMITSU (SEIMITSU Business Technology Solutions) to deliver fiber optic services to a multinational technology company in Central Georgia. The technology company is utilizing STI’s optical fibers to connect and expand its own broadband network and support a greater customer experience across the Southeast US region. The strategic partnership with SEIMITSU will offer colocation and a new fiber route.

Southern Telecom, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia is the telecommunications subsidiary of Southern Company established in 1997. Southern Telecom provides wholesale dark fiber optic solutions to the business community.

Southern Company's building in Georgia, Atlanta, United States

Seimitsu offers telecommunications and information technology solutions to national carriers, enterprise, small business, healthcare, governmental and educational customers. The company focuses on fiber network and related telecom/data services, IT consulting services, and outside plant construction services. Seimitsu has over 34 years of experience in developing communications and data networks that serve a broad range of businesses and organizations.

The new fiber build is part of STI’s construction and evaluation of several new routes around the Southeast, as well as the company’s ongoing effort to support route diversity and access to numerous key colocation sites in Atlanta. Southern Telecom markets more than 2,600 route miles in the Southeast anchored by a robust conduit and dark fiber metro network throughout Atlanta.

A press release at STI’s website, Barry Navarre, Business Development Manager for STI commented that the partnership with Seimitsu is a huge step forward in their ongoing network fiber strategy to enhance current routes and introduce new ones. The new fiber route and colocation space will ensure faster connections in the Southeast for this new multinational company, and the thousands of other customers it serves in the area.

The President of SEIMITSU stated: “We are honored to work with STI on this critical fiber optic build and support the enhancement of their network. Owning a small metro network in Savannah, Ga., Seimitsu successfully provided STI with one of the laterals it needed to complete the connection without construction.”

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