Smithville Completes First Phase of FTTH Overbuild

Smithville, a privately held telecom provider in Indiana, had completed the first segment of an FTTH overbuild valued at more than $100 million for all of its residential customers. The technology will allow Smithville’s customers access to faster broadband services, including a 100-Mbps package. The company says it is the first ISP in the Midwest to offer speeds higher than 50-Mbps for residential customers.

According to Joe Savage, president of the National Fiber-to-the-Home Council, “Smithville’s investment in a fiber-to-the-home network will pay dividends for their subscribers, not only in improved access to the Internet but in increased telework and home-based business opportunities, as well as increased tele-education and telehealth application usage. We applaud the forward-looking efforts of Smithville to bring true high-speed communications to their customers.”

Smithville’s all-new technology platform will give customers the ability to access the Internet, voice, television, and web-based television services at faster speeds than available in many areas, rural or urban.

“Smithville’s $90 million investment and commitment to bringing cutting-edge technology to rural Indiana will not only impact their customers directly but will help to advance the economy of the region as a whole,” says Lt. Governor Becky Skillman. “Smithville’s efforts to bring true high-speed broadband to these communities will help them become more competitive in the 21st-century economy and advance technology in rural Indiana.”

“As technology advances and becomes more integrated into everyday life, the bandwidth available via fiber directly to the home will become essential for all residential customers,” concludes Smithville president and chief executive officer Darby McCarty.

When complete, none of Smithville’s customers will use existing copper or hybrid (a combination of copper, fiber, or coaxial cable) systems that possess significant limitations and cannot achieve the higher speeds available only with all-fiber systems.

Within the next 12 months, Smithville says it will have half of its residential customers using the new FTTH service.


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