SandNet Expands Fiber Optic Networks in Sandviken


Sweden’s SandNet plans to invest SEK 50 million to SEK 60 million to expand the fiber-optic network in the Sandviken municipality, local media reports. Around 184 business units and 3,300 residents could gain access to the network outside the town center and in rural areas.

SandNet provides broadband services in the Sankviken Municipality. SandNet offers companies, housing associations and private clients access to broadband and optional services. SandNet is the world’s first SKA-certified fiber service provider. SEK 26 million will be provided by the town council and the Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, and SEK 30 million from SandNet itself and certain individual customers. SVT said places such as Kungsberg in particular lack reliable broadband.

SandNet says that the demand for fiber has increased enormously as the range of services has increased. To take advantage of, for example, streaming TV and movie services, optical fibers are the best available medium. There is a huge demand for fiber and that is the reason SandNet decide to go out with targeted offers of additional 800 households in Sandviken, says Sofia Lindgren, Coordinator of SandNet.

Since a few years back, SandNet has been delivering broadband speeds up to 1 Gbit / sec, and customers who want TV and telephony can get it too, says SandNet officials.
Sandviken municipality SwedenSandviken is a locality and the seat of Sandviken Municipality in Gävleborg County, Sweden with a population of more than 22,965. It is situated about 25 km west of Gävle and lies approximately 190 km north of Stockholm. The rail journey to Stockholm takes about 2 hours and to Arlanda, Sweden´s main international airport, no more than 1.5 hours.

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