Rostelecom Expands Fiber Networks in Yelabuga and Yekaterinburg

Residents and businesses in Yelabuga, Tatarstan will receive high speed high bandwidth services from Rostelecom. The operator had expands its fiber optic networks to cover the regions. Rostelecom installed 1,300 ports in 30 apartments in the city. The FTTx networks built by the operator will deliver high speed fiber optic broadband services to its subscribers.

Rosetelecom had expanded its fiber optic coverage to the town of Novoasbest in the Yekateringburg region. More than 300 residential subscribers have been covered in the area. Rostelecom deploys Gigabit Passive Optical Network based technology in Russian towns and cities. More than 10 kilometers of optical fiber cables were deployed in the city last month. 600 houses in Kamensk-uralskiy of Yekaterinburg were covered with the fiber network. 19 apartments will soon be connected with GPON network in Atamanovka in the Trans-Baykal region, according to the operator.


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