Proximus Launches FTTH Trial in Anspach

Belgium based telecom operator, Proximus has launched a pilot project in which it will deliver free FTTH broadband services to subscribers of Anspach neighborhood in Brussels. The FTTH deployment intends to utilize currently available telecom infrastructures in order to reduce civil construction works. Reduction in civil work will minimize inconvenience to the public and will reduce deployment cost.

Proximus intends to extend the trial network model to the national level after the successful implementation of the pilot project. The operator said that the current project is the start of what eventually will become a nationwide FTTH infrastructure.

Proximus has approximately 21,000 kilometers of optical fiber networks that run to 25,000 street cabinets and covers over 90 percent of the population with FTTC (fiber-to-the-curb). Proximus has started deployment of optical fiber to 80 percent of the country’s industrial zones since 2015. The operator now also wants to deploy fiber services to the home (FTTH) by replacing the copper cables between the street cabinet and homes.


Proximus said that there is an increase in the demand for high-speed high bandwidth services as subscribers start using Multiple devices with high-end applications. It is estimated that an average Belgian user now has 3 connected devices. This number is expected to rise to at least 7 by 2020. There is a similar estimation from France too. More bandwidth will also be required for applications (such as video, localization, identification, security and cloud-based services) and better screen definition (HD to 4K and then 8K).

Over the coming weeks, Proximus will inform all residents and businesses in the Anspach neighborhood about its plans by issuing letters even to those who are not customers yet. Proximus intends to contact each customer personally with more detailed information and will get the opportunity to sign up for a fiber connection.

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