Peru to Invest US$1.5 Billion to Expand Optical Networks

South America’s Peru Government plans to deploy fiber optic backbone network to the district capitals across the country. The central government will invest US$1.5 billion to expand next-generation networks that will change the communication infrastructure throughout the country. Transport and Communications Minister Martin Vizcarra said on last week Friday that fiber optic network deployment will bring new development to the country.

The current expansion of networks is the sixth in a range of goals set for the next 5 years and is scheduled to be finished by 2021. This expansion comprises 21 regional broadband projects currently underway as well as 1519 district capitals connected to the fiber optic network.

The Peruvian government is planning to make a kind of a spider web with the fiber optic networks to reach out to all districts. The government hopes that once the optical fiber network is in place authorities can make use of it for tele-education, telehealth, telework, and e-government.

During a presentation at the Annual Conference of Executives (CADE) 2016 taking place in Paracas, Peru’s first Vice-President said that modern technologies will be used successfully to ensure effective communication reaching to the benefit of the public. The government intends to deploy wherever the optical fiber network may reach.

Set as the sixth objective, the investment was valued at US$1.5 billion, a quite important amount for the Peru government. According to private-run Infrastructure and Development Association (AFIN), the gap in infrastructure totaled US$160 billion and that in transport amounted to US$58 billion.

The minister pointed out the Transport and Communications Ministry’s budget for 2017 just totals US$2.4 billion, and more investment is required to close the infrastructure gap.

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