Optical Cable Corporation’s Shareholders have Reasons to be Happy

Asheville based Optical fiber cable manufacturer OCC (Optical Cable Corporation) has reported profits and posted its earnings on March this year. Now the company has reported US$0.28 earnings per share (EPS) for the quarter. OCC earned US$14 million during the quarter, compared to analysts’ expectations of US$17.36 million.

Earnings per share (EPS) is an important number in business as it tells the shareholders how much money each of their share of the stock earned for the company. When a company has a high EPS, it also has a high stock price, which makes investors happy. OCC share-holders have reason to be happy.

Optical Cable Corporation, headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia, manufactures fiber optical cable. The company’s cable is largely used for telecommunications and is sold both in the US and seventy other countries worldwide, notably China. OCC also manufactures military land tactical fiber optic cable for the U.S. military.

Located just outside of Asheville, our North Carolina facility manufactures products using innovative and patented technologies, offering our customers a full range of fiber optic and copper data communication connectivity products. OCC engineers at this facility actively develop products not only to enhance connectivity and networking, but also to establish test and measurement standards for the entire communications industry.

Founded in 1983, OCC was among the first companies to realize the potential of fiber optics through designing and manufacturing some of the most reliable, rugged and innovative cable products in the world. The U.S. Military needed an extremely strong, lightweight, rugged, and survivable fiber optic cable, able to efficiently transmit previously unprecedented volumes of data in the field. OCC and its engineers were at the forefront of the development of the tight-buffered, tight-bound cable technology that met these criteria. The result: cables that were easy to deploy and performed under the harshest of conditions.

OCC’s success in the battlefield provided a foundation for the creation of a broad fiber optic cable offering built on the evolution of our technologies, as well as opportunities to expand our product offerings beyond fiber optic cabling.

OCC has evolved into a world-class provider of a complete line of fiber optic and copper cabling and connectivity products to a broad customer base. While our heritage started with military, our expertise now extends in to the enterprise, broadcast, industrial, harsh environment, and various specialty markets, and reaches worldwide through our network of distributors with customers in more than 70 countries.

The acquisition of two industry leaders enables OCC to easily transition from a leading provider of fiber optic cables to a company offering a complete integrated suite of cabling and connectivity solutions.


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