Open Fiber Brings Ultra-fast Broadband to Assemini

People in Assemini can now enjoy the benefits of ultra-fast fiber optic broadband services, thanks to the aggressive deployment of Open Fiber in Italian cities. In a press release, Open Fiber declared that its ultra-fast fiber is now available in homes and businesses in Assemini.

Assemini is a municipality in the Metropolitan City of Cagliari in the Italian region Sardinia, located about twelve kilometers northwest of Cagliari in the plain of the Cixerri, Flumini Mannu, and Sa Nuxedda rivers. Assemini is famous for its ancient ceramic tradition.

Open Fiber deployed more than 50 kilometers of optical fiber cables in an effort to cover the homes and businesses with fiber optic network. The total cost of the project was around 3 million euros. The fiber optic cables are in place around the municipality and now potential subscribers can access the network on demand.

Individual subscribers will be able to access a service that will allow them to get a broadband speed up to 1 Gbps ( Gigabit per second) delivered over FTTH ( Fiber to the home ) architecture.  This is the first time in the entire municipality that a network fully built over optical fiber directly laid to the homes getting ready to serve the homes, schools, companies, private and government offices.

The advantages of an ultra-fast connection will be many starting from teleworking to video surveillance, from online streaming to home automation up to digital Public Administration services. The project also foresees the free wiring of some sites of particular interest to citizens, thus strengthening the relations between the municipal administration and citizens, and increasing the productivity and competitiveness of the companies present in the area.

Open Fiber, which was formed by the Italian government to accelerate the fiber deployment does not sell fiber optic services directly to the end customer. Open Fiber was formed from the Italian utility company Enel.

Open Fiber build open access fiber optic networks and sells to the wholesale market. Open Fiber is active in the wholesale market, offering access to all interested market operators.

To activate the service, citizens must therefore contact an operator or service provider, after confirming the fiber optic coverage in their street. In order to verify, citizens can go to the site open, where there is a complete list of partner operators with the related tariff plan proposals and an area where it is possible to check whether the fiber has reached one’s home.

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