New Fiber Optic Link to Connect Sharon-Pomfret


The Vermont Public Service Department has announced the completion of a new fiber optic line from Sharon to Pomfret. This new fiber optic cable network was built to expand high-speed Internet service in east-central Vermont.

The department’s Division for Telecommunications and Connectivity says the 22 kilometers long fiber optic network will enable local service provider EC Fiber to bring high-speed Internet service to about 95 more homes and businesses in the area, with more expected in the future.

Sharon is a town in Windsor County, Vermont, United States, and has a population of just more than 1,500. Pomfret, which is around 14 minutes drive away from Sharon is a town in Windsor County, Vermont, the United States with a population of less than 1,000. Though the distance between the two cities is around 7.1 miles, that is around 11.6 kilometers, the fiber optic network route is around 22 kilometers.

Sharon to Pomfret Vermont United States

The state will retain some of the fiber, which will be open to commercial users interested in leasing optical fibers. In 2015, the Division for Telecommunications and Connectivity was created for the purpose of promoting and expanding access to high-speed Internet to underserved locations in Vermont. All state-owned fiber is open-access and available for lease.

Open access networks allow different service providers to use the same network to deliver their services to subscribers. The open access network model gets popular around the world as it provides flexibility to the end-user while at the same time helps to reduce the number of cables that are deployed in the area under service.

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