New Fiber Optic Cable Company Started in Vietnam


Interesting! Economic recession and news of slowing down from every corner, but optical fiber is making its journey without any second thought! This is really exciting for the world of fiber optics!

Welcome to the world of fiber optics! The new manufacturing plant is announced in Vietnam. This will be a joint venture between Vietnam and Israel. Yesterday Morning the newspapers in Vietnam had this news. Morning time of May 20 witnessed the birth of a new fiber optic cable manufacturing company in Vietnam.

The inauguration ceremony to build a fiber optic cable manufacturing facility was held on 20 May by the Vietnam Fiber Optics Joint Stock Company (VFO) in the Bau Cat Industrial Zone of Binh Duong.

The new fiber optic cable manufacturing project, with an approximate investment of US $176 million is a combination of two plants. One division is for optic fiber cable production and the second one is a gas production plant.

Some months before, VFO had signed with Israeli Ultra Pure Core Group, one of the reputed manufacturer of optical fiber cables, for a contract to transfer optical cable technology.

According to the signed contract, VFO will receive the Israeli partner’s technology to produce hi-tech optical fiber cables at its production facility. This agreement is as part of the co-operation agreement signed by the Vietnamese and Israeli governments on high technology exchanges.

The newly build optical fiber plant will have a capacity of 1 million km of optical fiber cable per year. There is quite a good demand forecast from the domestic market in Vietnam for fiber optic cables.

The optical fiber cables from this new production facility will be used in various areas of communications, information, cosmology, military, and mining, and will serve the need of the domestic market and exports.

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