Mobily Announces Completion of Arar Project

UAE based Etisalat’s subsidiary company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mobily announced the successful deployment of fiber optic infrastructure that will link the Kingdom with Iraq. The newly laid high-speed communication network will ensure better regional connectivity and enhanced broadband services in the border areas of Saudi Arabia. Mobily intends to deliver broadband services in the city of Arar.

Arar is the capital of Northern Borders Province in Saudi Arabia with a population of more than 145,000. The city located to the north-east of Saudi Arabia on the Iraqi border is known for its fertile pasture lands which lends itself well to its principal occupation of sheep and camel herding. As per Wikipedia, the population of the entire Northern Borders Province, including the cities of Rafha, Turayf and Alaoiqilah and suburban villages and their inhabitants is more than 320,000.

More than eighty kilometers of optical fiber cables have been installed to wire the city of Arar. The implementation of the project included the provision of the special infrastructure of fiber optic cables and accessories. The newly deployed network will allow greater speed and an addition of new telecom lines the northern borders of Saudi Arabia.

The new network is as an extension to Mobily’s strategic projects that included interconnecting Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Jordan, in addition to the three international marine cables connecting Jeddah and Khobar. All these networks allow the operator to provide high-quality services in collaboration with global partners in the telecom sector and through its highly reliable infrastructure.

Mobily was going passive in taking new telecom projects due to the losses incurred in its business in Saudi Arabia. From the beginning of this year, the operator has started signs of recovery showing the reduction in its loss. Investments at once before ensuring a return from the initial capital investments is one of the reasons for many service providers to go bankrupt. The monopolized Saudi Telecom market was put in to competition after the entry of Mobily. Until then state incumbent STC (Saudi Telecom Company) was controlling the telecom market.

Mobily focussed its operations mainly to the enterprise market and fiber to the building business network. Mobily has local FTTH network extending more than 22000 kilometers between the cities in addition to the most advanced FTTH metro network within cities extending more than 5,000 which provides unprecedented speeds that reach up to 200 Mbps with stability in the connectivity performance and minimum possible delay and high transfer capacity ensuring a high level of quality service.

The Arar project is important to Mobily as it marks the revival of the operator after a few year’s if financial turmoil and also as it enhances its regional and international presence, where Mobily can provide voice and data various international services, and most significantly IPLC services, IPLC Transit services, Global MPLS services, MPLS Transit services and IP Transit services.

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