Metroweb to Sign NDA with Wind

Reuters reports that the Italian mobile phone operator Wind is about to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with Metroweb, which could be a prelude to buying a stake in the fiber optic network provider or simply end up as a commercial deal.

The possible cooperation between Wind, a unit of Amsterdam-based phone group Vimpelcom, and Metroweb could also involve the Italian unit of Vodafone, the sources said, adding that any stake acquisition was still far away.

Metroweb, which is partly state-owned, is seen as a building block for Rome’s multi-billion euro plan to roll out a nationwide fiber optic network. The plan has stalled due to difficulties in bringing Italy’s No. 1 phone group Telecom Italia on board and, according to the sources, the non-disclosure agreement with Wind would not change the picture. Metroweb shareholders have already signed a similar non-disclosure accord with Vodafone in March.


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