Italy Prepares Dedicated Website to Update Broadband Status


In an attempt to monitor and speed up the fiber optic broadband deployments in Italy, the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) has announced the launch of a dedicated website that updates the details of most recent progress made in the government’s plan to build a national high-speed fiber-optic broadband network. The government authorities are getting serious in their commitment to providing infrastructure to deliver high-speed broadband over optical fiber cables.


The website can be used either in the English version or in the Italian language version. Visitors can search for and monitor the constantly updated coverage in specific regions and towns. They can even download the corresponding open data.

The Italian government approved the Europe 2020 agenda as the strategy for high-speed broadband in March Around 85 percent of the population is intended to be covered by 2020, with an infrastructure capable of offering services at speeds of 100Mbps and above, ensuring all citizens have access to the internet at least 30Mbps. As part of this strategy, the Italian government promotes the development of high-speed broadband through the simplification of the regulatory framework, the creation of new growth drivers, the use of tax incentives and the reduction of installation costs.

The Strategy for high-speed broadband is only the first step of a wider project that incorporates European Digital Agenda objectives, invests in future-proof infrastructure. In Italy, almost all telecom investments were made by the incumbent telecom operator, Telecom Italia in the past. With the entry of other service providers and the evolution of new broadband technologies, the telecom market is dynamic and complex. This is not only a case for Italy but true for almost every country. A proper monitoring and update system dedicated to broadband is necessary to get proper information for policymakers, existing and potential businesses. The new site will serve this purpose.

Visitors can see the status of broadband deployment region-wise through a map. The map is highly detailed and users can check the current situation in specific regions, municipalities, land areas, and even individual streets. You can visit and check the site:

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