Iran and Azerbaijan Agree to Build a New Fiber Optic Link


The Iranian news agency IRNA reports that the governments of Iran and Azerbaijan are planning to improve telecommunication links connecting the two countries. A new fiber-optic route is the outcome of discussions between the members of ministries of both nations. Azerbaijan’s Minister of Transport, Communications and High Technologies Ramin Guluzade revealed the government plans to the press agencies.

Azerbaijan has inherited a telecommunication link from the Soviet Union and hence the telecommunication infrastructure component designs have the lineage from USSR specifications. Azerbaijan is home to a fiber optic cable manufacturing company called Sumqayit Technology Park. The company has the capability to produce loose-tube type fiber optic cables up to a fiber count of 288. The factory is located in Sumqayit, which is near the Caspian Sea.

Iran and Azerbaijan Agree to Build a New Fiber Optic Link 1

Iran and Azerbaijan are improving relations in the field of telecommunication and high technology fields. Iran currently faces international sanctions and restrictions on its oil trade with other countries. However, Iran’s political relations with Azerbaijan is still in good health.

The announcement of new fiber optic link came on the last day of Bakutel. The exhibition attracts participants not only from Azerbaijan but also from neighboring countries. IRNA reported that a total of 14 Iranian startups and companies offered their telecom products and services at the expo. Iran’s Minister of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi traveled to Azerbaijan to attend the event.

During a quadripartite meeting between Iran, Azerbaijan, Russia, and Turkey on the sidelines of Bakutel 2018, it was planned to establish a center to support startups in the region.

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