Ica Region Gets Fiber Optic Network


The Minister of Transport and Communications, Mr. Jose Gallardo Ku inaugurated the launch of a new fiber-optic network in Ica region in Peru. In the launching ceremony held in Nasca, the minister reiterated the importance of next generation networks to the country’s economy.

The network in the Ica region is part of the National Fiber Optic Backbone Network (Red Dorsal Nacional de Fibra Óptica or shortly known as RDNFO), which will make possible the provision of high-speed internet. The government of Peru holds high hopes for the launch of a national broadband network project.

One of the strategic objectives of the Ministry of Transport and Communications is the expansion of broadband services throughout the country in order to reduce the digital divide. Broadband delivery to the neglected communities is necessary to ensure equal broadband access opportunities to all the citizens. People living in disadvantaged regions should be able to have access to modern telemedicine services, tele-education, e-governance, etc., which will improve the quality of life significantly, giving greater opportunities for development.

The main motivation for developing the National Optical Fiber Backbone (RDNFO) was the demand for broadband services within the country, mainly in the mountainous areas of Peru. Remote villages will also get connected as part of the national initiative to deploy fiber-optic networks.

In 2011, the fiber optic networks in the country were mainly located in the coastal areas. Carriers focused to develop next-generation networks around the capital of the country obviously by considering primarily on the shorter return of investment. Also, the deployment companies have faced troubles to get the right of way for fiber optic cables in many places, especially from private property owners. This has caused a major delay in the project. Getting the right of way and other permissions from different government agencies remain one of the biggest hurdles in front of internet companies in their efforts to spread fiber-optic networks in the country.

As part of the RNDFO project, over 9.3 million US dollars were invested in the Ica region for the deployment of fiber optic networks. It is estimated that over 500 km of fiber optic cables were installed to make the network. These cables connected the capitals of the five provinces in the country. The RDNFO project is complemented by the Regional Broadband Project, which will connect 75 locations through the deployment of optical fiber in 38 district capitals.

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