Huawei Marine to Build MCT Submarine Cable System

The submarine wing of Huawei has signed an agreement with the consortium of partners from three south east Asian countries to design and build Malaysia-Cambodia-Thailand Submarine Cable System. Huawei’s submarine wing Huawei Marine Networks Co. Ltd. (Huawei Marine) is a global submarine network provider. Huawei Marine signed a system design and construction agreement with a consortium comprising Telekom Malaysia Berhad, Symphony Communication Public Company Limited and Telcotech Limited.

The submarine fiber optic network spans approximately 1,300 kilometers. Shortly known as MCT submarine cable system, the undersea fiber cable networks will provide connectivity between Cherating in Malaysia and Rayong in Thailand with a branching unit connecting from the main trunk into Sihanoukville in Cambodia.

MCT-Malaysia-Cambodia-Thailand Submarine fiber optic networkAccess to neighboring counties such as Laos and Myanmar will be achieved through further connection to terrestrial based networks. The MCT cable system adopts the latest 100G technology with a total design capacity exceeding 30 Tbps. The system will be commissioned and ready for commercial service by the end of 2016.

The signing event was witnessed by the Cambodian Minister of Post and Telecommunications, senior Cambodia government officials and other distinguished guests. It marks a milestone for Cambodia, which will benefit from its first landing of a large capacity, high-speed submarine cable system.

Huawei Marine will deploy its innovative optical amplifier that supports up to 6 fiber pairs and utilizes a slim-line titanium housing to greatly reduce the operational costs associated with system deployment by allowing for simultaneous lay and burial beneath the seabed.

This new cable system will provide Cambodia and its surrounding countries with significantly increased international bandwidth, which will enhance data intensive internet-based applications and the end user experience for both individuals and businesses alike.


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