Golden West Promotes FTTH Broadband in Dell Rapids

Golden West Telecommunications (GWT) had presented the features and advantages of high speed broadband services delivered over an all fiber optic network to the home technology to the residents of Dell Rapids. Around 50 people attended Gold West Communications’ Fiber to the Home presentation at the Old 77 Bar Grille’s east room to understand and learn how adding fiber optic cables to all the local subscribers will improve internet, phone and cable services in the community. Gold West executives were on hand to answer questions on how the project would affect local customers.

GWT’s installation contractors had started connection of homes with fiber optic cables in an attempt to provide quick service once a subscriber register for the service. The new lines will give Dell Rapids residents and business increased technology potential in the future. Once optical fiber is installed to the home, it is considered as a fixed infrastructure. Fiber installation is the most time consuming work in Fiber to the home broadband delivery service.

Golden West Telecommunications has a long history that starts in 1916, when it stretched the telephone lines across remote plains of western South Dakota. GWT was the first company to carry those first telephone wires and making communications possible in South Dakota. GWT delivers service to tens of thousands of telephone customers, Internet subscribers, cable television viewers and businesses throughout the state.

Dell Rapids is a city in Minnehaha County, South Dakota, United States. The population of the city is just above 3,600. It is known as “The little city with the big attractions.”

Golden West presented the difference between the legacy cable system and what an optical fiber can deliver. The fiber optic lines will replace the current copper wires that transmit data to customers’ homes. Optical fibers transmit data using light and hence fiber can transmit huge quantities of data without repeaters. The advantages of optical fiber includes greater bandwidth, speed and better reliability. Also the fiber optic network is not susceptible to electrical and weather interference.

Golden West has already completed the Fiber to Home project in other South Dakota communities such as Edgemont, Belvedere, Freeman, Colome, New Underwood and rural Wicksville. Dell Rapids will be the largest project the company has undertaken so far. The largest community so far has had 640 subscribers while Dell Rapids is home to 1,239 houses. Golden West has already installed enough fiber optic cables to connect from northern Alaska to Key West, Fla.

Within the city area, the fiber optic cable is placed inside a plastic ducts before it’s buried. Any work done in customers’ yards will be performed by small lawn tractors that will cause minimal damage to lawns. In the country, fiber optic cables will be buried 25 feet off from fence lines will be placed a minimum of 36 inches deep, the company officials informed.

Homes will receive a new fiber optic control box. Company officials confirms that most residences will only have services down for less than 30 minutes while the installation is underway.Golden West also plans to move junction boxes to more convenient locations if trees or other obstacles make accessing current boxes difficult. Also, all overhead cable lines will be removed from the community.


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