GO Plans FTTH in Malta


Malta’s telecommunication service provider GO will invest more than 50 million euros to launch high speed broadband services through fiber to the home passive optical networks to its subscribers. GO will launch Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) in the coming weeks, giving an initial 33,000 plus households in Malta the opportunity to begin experiencing the next generation of internet services this year. GO p.l.c. is a provider of local and long distance telephone services, wireless service, cable television, and DSL Internet access. GO is based in Marsa, Malta.

Maltacom Group, Malta’s leading telecommunications provider, was renamed GO on June 2007. It signified the merger of the 4 brands Maltacom, Maltanet (an ISP), Multiplus (a DTTV provider) and GO Mobile. GO provides voice, mobile, TV and broadband grouped as GO Business, GO Mobile and GO Plus. GO Business is aimed at the corporate market and includes fixed line, broadband and digital TV as well as in hosting and co-location services. GO Mobile handles both business and personal mobile services while GO Plus is all about the home with fixed line, broadband and digital TV.

More than 17,000 homes, located mostly in Sliema and areas of St. Julian’s and Lija are in fact already able to access FTTH connections which can vastly improve speeds and data capacity, enabling a number of new exciting possibilities in areas such as Ultra High Definition TV, cloud services and high-end gaming. Over a five year period, GO will be investing more than €50 million in the FTTH infrastructure to deliver GO fibre services nationwide.

Yiannos Michaelides, CEO at GO plc, said, “GO fiber will become a reality in the coming weeks, marking the beginning of a step change in the way we use the internet. The internet services which GO offers already transform people’s lives, and now superfast internet fiber connections will mean we are able to use the internet in ways that until now we can only have imagined. Both from a business perspective and for those looking for the ultimate home TV and gaming experience, the possibilities of a true fiber internet connection are revolutionary and will change our lives for the better.”

GO internet subscribers in the areas of Sliema, St Julian’s and Lija who are already able to access a fiber connection can now switch their internet service to fiber, even if they choose to remain on their current internet plans, in order to future proof their homes for a time when faster internet speeds will be required. Customers in these areas who wish to start enjoying the benefits of GO’s ultra-fast internet can do so immediately. Customers will also be able to select from an extended range of new ultra-fast internet plans which will be announced shortly.

As part of our strategy to upgrade our entire network range to Next Generation Networks (NGN), the roll out of FTTH represents a very significant investment by GO which will future proof Malta’s internet infrastructure for the benefit of the whole country and ensures that Malta keeps pace with the rest of Europe.

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