Furukawa Signs Fiber Cable Supply Contract with Izzi Telecom


Japan-based fiber optic product manufacturer Furukawa Electric has announced a contract to provide optical cables and connectivity accessories to Mexican triple play operator Izzi Telecom. The supply contract is valid for two years. Furukawa fiber optic cables and accessories will help Izzi Telecom’s migration activities.

Izzi Telecom plans to migrate existing copper-based and hybrid fiber co-axial networks to full fiber network. The project will start in Monterrey and will be as the basis for izzi Telecom to define its commercial offer strategy, as well as its network topology. In total, the project will provide 8,000 kilometers of optical cables – which will replace the carrier’s hybrid cables (HFCs). The new network has the potential to reach 1.6 million homes passed.

Furukawa added that its plants in Latin America will receive an additional investment of USD 4 million to support the project, with initial deliveries starting in January 2019. Furukawa will provide it’s Cascade System to izzi telecom. The main differentials of Cascade System are related with the increase in the speed of construction of the network, and its topology, that allows the modular growth of the network, according to the “Pay as you Grow” concept

This fast deployment solution is based on the application of two basic concepts, first, the use of balanced and unbalanced splitters in the same network for an FTTH (Fiber To The Home) application and the second, the use of cables and pre-connectorized boxes. These two concepts together applied to an FTTH network, bring a greater speed in the construction of networks, in addition to making it simpler and safer. Eliminating faults and field rework. An additional advantage is ease of maintenance since the use of standardized and pre-connectorized products provides a much simpler, easier and faster job.

Izzi is a Mexican telecommunications company owned by Grupo Televisa and operated by Empresas Cablevisión, S.A.B. de C.V. It is listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange under the code “CABLE.” Izzi provides telephone, internet, and cable TV services to individuals and companies with coverage in the Mexico City metropolitan area and other cities in Mexico.

With the integration of companies such as Cablecom, Cablevisión, Cablemás and Telecable, izzi now offers its services in more than 60 cities in 29 states of Mexico; with a network that covers over 30,000 kilometers of optic fiber and 77,000 kilometers of coaxial cable.

izzi offers an outline of Single, Double and Triple Play (Internet, Television, and Telephone) focused on residences and businesses. Izzi also offers optic fiber service for businesses and residencies to enhance communication, search and data transfers, with speeds from 5 to 100 MB, depending on the commercial sector.

izzi was a pioneer in offering unlimited calls from households to landlines and mobiles within Mexico, the United States, Canada, Europe and the rest of Latin America. izzi offers unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

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