Fujitsu and CHT Cooperate on IOWN Initiative-Based All-Photonics Network


Japan-based Fujitsu Limited and Taiwan-based CHT (Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.) announced that they have concluded a Memorandum of Understanding for a 2-year strategic partnership, with the aim of jointly studying the establishment of a network utilizing the All-Photonics Network (APN) technology  based on the IOWN initiative in Taiwan.

Both companies will discuss the creation of a network utilizing the APN technology in Taiwan and contribute to the realization of an innovative and sustainable society with the delivery of a high-capacity, low-latency, low-power network environment.

IOWN is Innovative Optical and Wireless Network  initiative. IOWN targets an innovative network and information processing infrastructure that can provide high-speed, high-capacity communications and enormous computing resources by utilizing advanced technologies such as photoelectric fusion technology.

All-Photonics Networks is one of the core technologies supporting the IOWN initiative. It uses light (photonics) in all areas of the communication network, and has features such as high capacity transmission, low power consumption, and low delay that greatly exceed conventional communication technology.

Both companies have agreed to collaborate on the introduction of this technology in Taiwan drawing on Fujitsu’s expertise in the APN technology. Fujitsu will collaborate with Chunghwa Telecom to build the verification facility for the APN technology in Taiwan, and will use this MOU as an opportunity to promote the use of this technology in commercial networks in Taiwan.

Fujitsu will utilize its achievements and knowledge in Japan to contribute to the formulation and early commercialization of the APN construction plan, which is tailored to Taiwan’s telecommunications situation, and to enhance the construction of infrastructure that supports society and people’s lives in Taiwan.

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