FTTx Market Digest 2015 March 17

Germany Invests €10B in Better Broadband

The German government plans to invest more than €10 billion (US$10.6 billion) in high-speed broadband, with €8 billion ($8.4 billion) of that coming from the country’s telecom industry, according to a Deutsche Welle report citing an interview in the Rheinische Post. According to Alexander Dobrindt,…

1TB free fiber-to-the-home data from Vox Telecom

Anyone who has applied for FTTH, but is still waiting for their installation, will be able to use the 1TB of data on their current ADSL service. Vox said its …

Omantel new project to offer faster Internet in governorates

The introduction of FTTH using GPON technology is a remarkable leap in the application of modern communications technology that can provide a …

Telkom fibre-to-the-home 50% discount special

Telkom is offering 50% off for the first three months on its 20Mbps, 40Mbps, and 100Mbps fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) contracts as part of a FutureHood ..

1Gbps uncapped fiber-to-the-home for R799

123NET has unveiled its planned fiber-to-the-home prices, which include a 1Gbps uncapped FTTH product for R799 per month. Last week 123 …

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