FTTH Council Europe Releases the Fifth Edition of FTTH Business Guide

FTTH Council Europe has issued the fifth edition of its FTTH Business Guide, which provides useful insights to business scenarios involved in FTTH to the newbies. Ever since the issue of the document by the Council, it has become a big favorite. The latest one, the fifth edition was released on 16 February 2016. The fourth edition was released on 2012 and had more than 15,000 readers either online or in the printed version.

In a dynamic telecom market such as the one exists in Europe it is important to have access to neutral and reliable information. The FTTH Council Europe sees the Business Guide as fulfilling this requirement offering the reader all necessary knowhow in how to establish a fiber access business. The Guide includes a description of the full process of the development of an FTTH deployment; by beginning with the business case followed by how to plan the networks, to deployment and finally to operation.

The Business committee says that the FTTH Business Guide edition 5.0 is not a simple update of the 4th edition but reflects the changes, opportunities and new challenges of the European FTTH market. With the European FTTH market becoming more mature and financing has never been cheaper than it is today, FTTH is being recognized as an asset in the financier’s portfolios and the passive part of the network as being a valuable infrastructure investment.

The Business committee in the preface to the 5th edition says that the developments on the European level such as the EFSI (Junker’s plan) or on a regional level demonstrate the willingness and importance that real broadband access networks “FTTH” represent for them. Still a chasm exists between project owners and financiers. With the help of the 5th edition of the Business Guide, the Council intends to bridge that chasm to some extent.

FTTH Business Guide provides an overview of the factors that influence and shape the business model of a FTTH project, from the initial planning phase through to operating the network and providing a menu of services. This year, all the committees of the FTTH Council Europe came together to work on the FTTH Business Guide 2016, Version 5.0. The Business committee thought that a major rewrite was needed to reflect the changing business landscape in several key areas, including policy, regulation, technology and services.

Since the release of the previous edition of the guide, the Finance Committee has organized nine ‘Investor Workshops’ across Europe to help bring together investors with projects. These workshops have helped to enhance Council’s understanding of the business case, particularly the business case in non-urban areas with scattered and small populations. The Council had fed these additional knowhow into the latest guide. FTTH Business Guide is free to download. Please down it now: FTTH BUSINESS GUIDE Edition 5

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