First Phase of AP Fibre Grid Will be Ready by July


The first phase of the Fibre Grid Project in India’s southern state of Andhra Pradesh is progressing as per plans and is scheduled for completion by the end of July 2016. News from India says that the ambitious project for broadband connectivity in the state has been already identified by the central authorities as a model that can be adopted by other states for fiber deployment.

The first phase of the project aims yo deploy 16,000 kilometers of aerial fiber optic cables. The whole project needs around 22,500 kilometers of fiber cables. The fiber optic cables would be laid on aerial poles either newly installed or existing, based on the location, availability, and requirement.

Aerial deployment offers the lowest cost among other deployment methods that are in practice in the industry. In the case of underground installation, two methods are popular such as duct and direct burial. Among the underground solution, a direct burial solution offers a cost-effective method. A Network Operations Centre (NOC) has also been commissioned at Visakhapatnam, which is the coastal city of the state.

According to plans, it is targeted to complete the project works by the end of July and, subsequently, deliver triple-play services-IPTV, Internet and telephone in a phased manner.

Services to the end-users will be delivered through the interested MSOs (multiple system operators/ LCOs (local systems operators) using their existing network and resources. They will be engaged as business partners with APSFL, a special state department made to ensure the smooth operation of the fiber broadband.

The process of enrolment of MSOs/ LCOs commenced in March 2016. Around 7,900 MSOs/ LCOs have enrolled for the project. Authorities said there was an overwhelming response from MSOs/ LCOs, which resulted in 7,889 enrollments in total. Enrollments were received from 7,146 LCOs and 743 MSOs till date. Krishna district with 900 enrollments, Guntur district with 842 enrollments and East Godavari district with 793 enrollments topped the list. The registration period for enrollment has been extended to 20 June 2016 so that remaining interested MSOs/LSOs can also join.

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