Fiber Optic News Update on 2008 October First Week

Last week’s Fiber optic related news reported an updated from Knight Rider/Tribune Business News that extension of a high-speed communication through fiber optic line to Newton Falls Fine Paper interlocked in trouble.

The state Office for Technology has broken the promise on a $75,000 grant to St. Lawrence County to support the Development Authority of the North Country’s fiber-optic line and extend five miles from Star Lake to the hamlet.

The news feed from Verizon reports that electrical expert hired by Verizon Communications Inc. said the company’s installation methods for its FiOS fiber-optic system are safe.

Verizon was under scrutiny when the PSC found that many of the system’s terminals were not properly grounded. The PSC inspection committee pointed out that the Electrical systems that are neglected to ground properly will pose safety concerns during lightning.

Mr. Michael Stringfellow is the expert hired by Verizon and he commented that Verizon’s FiOS system incorporating optical fibers which are used for Internet, phone and TV signals into individual homes does not need to be grounded like electrical systems as optical fibers are well immune to electrical influences.

Verizon said it will look into the issue and decide what grounding method will be used on indoor FiOS installations.
ElectroniCast Consultants announced through a market forecast report that the worldwide consumption of fiber optic circulators reached $170 million and this figure will touch $280 million by the year 2012.the release of a new market forecast and analysis of the global market consumption and technology trends of fiber-optic circulators in communication applications.

According to the study results, the global consumption value of fiber-optic circulators reached nearly $170 million last year (2007). During the forecast period of 2007-2012, that value will climb to $280 million. Telecommunications will maintain its dominant market share lead throughout the forecast period. The forecast is in tune with the deployment trend in the optical fiber business segment.

Oman Daily Observer reported that the Sultanate of Oman has launched an international competitive bidding process to introduce a new fixed telecom operator in Oman by the end of 2008. Just like the Oman Telecommunications Company – Omantel, the new operator will also be awarded a class I license to provide all the ranges of fixed and internet services.


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