Fiber Optic News 2015 March 5

Telecom Egypt completes copper cable replacement

Telecom Egypt has announced the completion of its plan to replace copper cables with fibre optic cables during March, to raise the network efficiency …

Bridge agency has deal to lease fiber optic cable on span

The state authority that operates five bridges in the Hudson Valley has signed a deal to lease fiber optic cable on one of the …

ICE Says It Will Offer Fiber Optic Internet By “Late 2015″

Costa Rica’s state telecom, the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE), says it will start marketing 100.000 fiber optic services in “late 2015″, both for residential and business across the country.

Azerbaijan to use local fiber optics

Sumgayit Technological Park will be a supplier of fiber optic cables in the project of broadband internet development in Azerbaijan, the park reported.

Bridge agency collects on fiber deal

A deal that will lease existing but unused fiber-optic communications strands to a company will bring in $535,260 for the New York state Bridge ..

Karuk, Yurok Tribes Bringing Broadband to Remote Homes in California

A $12 million project to install an estimated 82.3 miles of fiber optic cable in five communities in Humboldt County could kick off as early as April.

AEPONYX Showcases First Standards-based 10 Gbps WDM-PON Solution with 40 Channels on a …

… for up to 40 km, on a single fiber optic line – and all this without the need for any powered equipment between the service provider installations and …

Europe doesn’t need net neutrality because broadband-market anarchy is working

… network is most common—with internet over the cable television network—and more recently the roll-out of fiber optic connections to street cabinets .

High-speed broadband Superfast Cymru project reaches 346000 home and business halfway point

Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology Julie James said: “Superfast Cymru is a huge undertaking, laying 17,500kms of optical fibre cable and …

Cambridge University researchers developing tiny optical-fibre endoscope to aid doctors

This is where the optical fibre comes in. With a width that is slight larger than a human hair, inserting one into the body is a lot less invasive than using ..

Polatis SDN-Enabled Optical Switches Selected to Power Bristol Smart City Network

Polatis optical switches play a key role in bringing the fibre layer under software control to enable a high-performance, scalable and dynamically ..

Enet to invest EUR 500000 in Kilkenny fibre network

The move will make Kilkenny the first fibre optic city in Ireland, allowing ISPs such as Ripplecom to offer 250 Mbps broadband connectivity to local …

Super-fast broadband moves step closer for north Lancashire villages

During recent weeks, underground ducts for carrying fibre optic cables have been burrowed under the M6 motorway, over the Lancaster Canal, under …

MTN may suffer 180 fibre cable cut in 2015

Mobile network operator, MTN Nigeria may suffer 180 cuts on its fibre optic cable that transmit voice and data across the country when several local, …

Italy approves plan to boost broadband networks

While all sides acknowledge the need to upgrade Italy’s aging copper-wire internet infrastructure, the cost of installing a new fibre-optic network over a …

Cameroon, Chad sign fibre optic partnership

Cameroon’s fibre optic network is 6 000 km long, and the two countries are also expected to be linked by the Central African Backbone (CAB), a fibre ..

TelOne continues commissioning FTTH grids

Zimbabwean state-owned operator TelOne is set to commission four additional FTTH networks this month, with the remainder to be commissioned in …

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