Fiber Optic News 2015 March 4

Boost to Local Digital Economy As Fibre Optic Project Comes Alive

The over 800km Fibre Optic Broadband Backbone Infrastructure project stretching from Ho in the Volta Region to Bawku in the Upper East Region, …

Fibre optic cabinets installed in Langport as broadband rollout comes closer

THE chairman of the Langport area business group has welcomed the news that fibre optic cabinets have been installed in the town as part of the ..

Kilkenny looks set to be Ireland’s first fibre optic city

Internet provider enet is looking to go big or go home, as they say, as they’re planning on bringing fibre optic speeds to Kilkenny City so that business …

Telecom Egypt completes copper cable replacement

Telecom Egypt announced the completion of its plan to replace copper cables with fibre optic cables during March, to raise the network efficiency and ..

Edinburgh to benefit from gigabit-capable broadband network

AIM-listed CityFibre, which designs, builds, owns and operates fibre optic infrastructure in UK towns and cities, will partner with Edinburgh-based ..

Petition launched as West Dorset village could be ‘devastated’ by superfast broadband snub

Residents in Loders, which is separated from Uploders by 300 yards of farmland, will be able to benefit from the net roll-out of fibre-optic high speed …

Hawk Measurement launches new Fibre Optic Monitoring for pipeline Leak Detection

Mar 2, 2015. Hawk Measurement Systems (HAWK) is a manufacturer of level, positioning and flow measurement technology, announces the launch of ..

Bridge agency has a deal to lease fiber optic cable on span

The state authority that operates five bridges in the Hudson Valley has signed a deal to lease fiber optic cable on one of the spans to a …

Velocity plans to bring fiber network to Erie

More than a decade ago, Verizon announced a goal of extending fiber-optic service — capable of carrying phone, television and high-speed Internet …

Italy approves the plan to boost broadband networks

While all sides acknowledge the need to upgrade Italy’s aging copper-wire internet infrastructure, the cost of installing a new fiber-optic network over a …

Web 2.0 companies likely shape optical network market says LightCounting

While spending by traditional communications carriers still dominates the fiber-optic network technology market, market research firm LightCounting ..

OZ Optics unveils new sensor technologies

NEW ORLEANS – OZ Optics is showcasing its ForeSight family of fiber optic Brillouin distributed strain and temperature sensors at the Subsea …

Some in Prairie Village to have a choice on ultra-fast Internet service

In 2013, Prairie Village approved an agreement with Google Fiber to … In February, Prairie Village announced that AT&T’s GigaPower fiber-optic…

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