Fiber Optic News 2015 March 13


AT&T invests $2.8B to enhance Florida’s U-verse, wireless network coverage

Florida is just one of many markets where the telco is expanding its U-verse and FTTH service presence. The service provider is making similar strides …

Togo to connect administrative buildings to fiber optic network

The Chinese ambassador said the fiber optic has the potential to improve internet connectivity and at the same time reduce the cost of communication, ..

Malawi telecoms seeks joint venture in fiber cable operation

“MTL has the widest fiber optic network that the whole nation can benefit from based on its coverage, therefore we want to involve partners in the …

Italy launches EUR 186 mln Lazio fibre tender

Italy’s ministry for economic development (MiSE) has presented the details of a EUR 186 million tender for the development of a fibre-optic broadband …

Kit Carson Telecom fiber optic update

RED RIVER — Main fiber optic line construction is 95-percent completed as of Tuesday (March 10,) according to Kit Carson Electric Cooperative CEO …

SerComm expects China market share of 20% for fiber-optic networking devices in 2015

For networking/communication device maker SerComm, China was the major market for fiber-optic networking/communication devices in 2014 and …

FCC ruling may allow Opelika to expand fiber network

These rulings may allow Opelika Power Services and its 425-mile long fiber optic network to expand into Auburn and other parts of Lee County.

Brookfield, Elmbrook still looking into dark fiber network

In addition to the speed increase, city director of finance Robert Scott said last August that a dark fiber optic network would also save a lot of money.

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