Fiber Optic News 2015 March 1

Cities tired of holding back high-speed Internet

Fiber optic service would be particularly useful for industrial recruiting. While CDE’s standard residential package is 50 Mbps, the utility also offers 100 …

FCC ruling shows how the Internet has become vital to society

And since private companies wouldn’t build a fiber-optic network for the city, the council chose to have the city do it. With the FCC voting to preempt state …

Ftth Simplifies Online Services

Fibre Optic technology has taken off with the laying of fiber being done by both the government and the private sector. Industry leaders laying cables …

City of College Station, school district eyeing land as a solution to recent growth

… services for water and wastewater, electric for street lighting, the IT department for fiber optic cables, and franchise partners for gas services, he said.

DoIT offers broadband development grants

… upon more than a decade of NIU work with community partners to establish what is now a 2,200-mile fiber-optic network across the region and state.

Indian National Fibre Network reaches 5000 villages

The Indian government has completed the fiber-optic cable deployment in around 5,000 villages, The Economic Times reports. The government’s …

Survey crews to visit Iowa City area

Metronet Technologies is a fiber optic networking company offering high-speed Internet, phone, and TV services, will be conducting field engineering …

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