Fiber Optic Market Update from UAE


Fiber optic market update from UAE: The United Arab Emirates with its two world-famous cities Dubai and Abu Dhabi and known attractive skyscrapers is the birthplace and playground of one of the world’s major telecom operators Etisalat. The name Etisalat has become a household name in many of the Middle East Asian countries.

Etisalat has been deploying fiber optic cables and laying fiber cables to connect homes in UAE with the latest fiber optic technology FTTH. The growth of FTTH is coupled with the growth of real estate. Recently many of the building projects are canceled or delayed. This has resulted in the cancellation of the demand for fiber optic cables too.

Etisalat, apart from its major operations in mobile communications, has diversified its focus to connecting the offices, buildings, and apartments with optical fibers. Etisalat, by realizing the region’s strategic importance to bridge East Asia and Europe, has been widely investing in Fiber optic network projects. This has helped the business houses in the UAE to communicate faster with their clients all over the world.

United-Arab-Emirates-Fiber-optic-social-networkThe demand for bandwidth-enhanced services has been increasing recently with the growth of internet services. The Video, data, and voice over Internet protocol is the mantra now in the telecommunication sector.

Apart from Etisalat, du is another major telephone company engaged in connecting the apartments and building with fiber optics. Recently PacketFront has received a contract for the supply of Fiber to the home equipment to the homes in five residential areas. These areas are in the Gardens district, which is 4000 meters wide and 6000 meters long in Dubai. The Fiber to the home cables will deliver triple-play services to the home through du’s network.

The major component of PacketFront’s broadband system is its control and provisioning system BECS, which enables operators to make and run automated broadband networks with self-provisioning functionality on demand. This will give the end-users the flexibility to choose services themselves without waiting for a third party to make the changes.

With the agreement, PacketFront will design, implement, and handover the project and will provide training to the du staff. PacketFront has already experience in supplying FTTH network equipment to du in the world’s one of the most attractive districts of Palm Island and also in Jumeirah beach.

It is expected that 20,000 houses in Discovery garden will now be able to receive more than 200 Internet Protocol television channels through the triple play offered by du.

FTTH projects in UAE were moving faster in competition with other major FTTH connected locations in Far East Asia. UAE fiber projects are not stopped but reduced their speed due to uncertain market conditions. The considerable number of expatriate communities is under uncertainty and this has put the projects and new demands from customers also under uncertainty. Once the economic recession melts down, the real estate sector and the telecommunication projects will get the lost glamour in UAE, it is anticipated.

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