Fiber Optic Market News 29 February 2016


Cape Town fibre trial hits 400Gbps download speed

The Mother City may be in danger of losing its capital status if Parliament decides to shift “oop north” (as we say where I come from), but it’s just put in a claim to the throne of Queen of Broadband connectivity. Tests on the Cape Town metro fiber network just proved that it’s capable of sustaining data transfer speeds of 400Gbps while doing something else. Telecoms firm ADVA Optical Networking apparently carried out the tests, according to a press statement just received at htxt.towers, sending bits around a 106km route between Nyanga and Mitchells Plain. It says that it tested switching speeds of 200, 300 and 400Gbps on the network while multiple 10Gbps signals were still live….

M1 offers 10Gbps home fibre broadband, matches Singtel for price

A new Internet race may be on in Singapore, after M1 started rolling out fiber broadband plans that promise 10Gbps to Singapore homes today. Coming within a month after Singtel unveiled the first such offering here, the new service will also cost the same at S$189 a month. M1 had provided 10Gbps speeds to corporate users last year but is now upping its game to consumers as well.

CNMC finalises wholesale broadband regulations

Spain’s Comision Nacional de Los Mercados y la Competencia (CNMC) has confirmed it has approved the final regulations governing the wholesale broadband market (Markets 3a [direct access], 3b [residential indirect access] and 4 [business indirect access]). As a result of feedback from the EC and the Ministerio de Industria, Energia y Turismo (Minetur) on its initial draft plans from November 2015, the CNMC has opted to maintain differentiated obligations for copper and optical fiber based networks belonging to fixed line incumbent Telefonica Espana (Movistar), with these obligations based on the level of competition in each geographical area….

TIM to bring fibre service to San Giovanni Valdarno

TIM (Telecom Italia) has announced plans to install a new fibre-optic network in the town of San Giovanni Valdarno in central Tuscany. The operator will roll out around 10 kilometers of fiber optic cable and connect 39 street cabinets to bring broadband at speeds of 100 Mbps to the local population. Customers will be able to access the operator’s new optical fiber based TIM Smart Fibra offer, costing EUR 29 per month for the first year and EUR 39 thereafter for new customers.

Beltelecom lays out four-year fibre transformation programme

State-owned fixed-line and broadband operator Beltelecom is embarking on a four-year network transformation plan to migrate its entire Minsk customer base from copper wire to fiber, reports Providers. The director of the firm’s Minsk City Telephone Network division Edward Belokurskogo confirmed that by 2020, all the subscribers in the capital will be connected via fiber optic cabling. Belokurskogo notes that since 2011 Beltelecom has been upgrading its PSTN with GPON technology and had 130,000 subscribers by the start of this year. Further, the operator has also been actively expanding its public Wi-Fi network in Minsk and now boasts 952,000 points of access and a further 99,000 via modems installed in subscribers’ homes.


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