Fiber Optic Market News 25 February 2016


CityFibre response to Ofcom’s Strategic Review of Digital Communications

The report’s conclusions are clear – that to meet the UK’s current and future digital communication needs, and enable widespread availability of competing for fiber-to-the-premises networks, a strategic shift to support large-scale investment in end-to-end fiber is required. To accelerate this, Ofcom recommends the promotion of investment and competition and provisions such as the assurance of meaningful access to Openreach’s physical infrastructure. The conclusions in today’s report will considerably strengthen CityFibre’s capability to drive forward an alternative fiber future for Britain…..

Spain approves new wholesale fibre market regulation

Spain’s communications regulator CNMC has finally approved new regulations governing the country’s wholesale fixed broadband market well over a year after the initial project was first proposed. The most controversial aspect of the wide-ranging plan is requiring Telefonica to provide wholesale access to its fiber optic network in all of Spain apart from 66 cities. The number of cities in which the former incumbent will not be required to share its network has risen from the 34 proposed in the CNMC’s draft published last November to the final figure of 66, equivalent to 35 percent of the Spanish population after the data was updated to take into account 2015 figures. In these so-called ‘competitive areas’, Telefonica is not required to open up its network because there are already three or more companies offering superfast internet via fiber or cable connections. In all other areas, corresponding to 65 percent of the country, Telefonica will be given 18 months to prepare its fiber-optic network so that any operator can use it via a process known as ‘virtual unbundled local access’ (VULA)….

DT grows German fibre customers 73.5% in 2015

Deutsche Telekom reported its strongest growth to date in a single quarter in terms of the number of fiber optic lines (FTTC and FTTH) added in Germany. The total increased by 532,000 between October and December to 4.4 million at year-end. This resulted in a total increase for the full year of 73.5 percent in the subscriber base…..

NetCologne connects parts of Huerth to fiber

German operator NetCologne has announced the launch of its fiber optic broadband service in the Efferen area of Huerth. As a result, residents now have access to superfast broadband connections up to 100 Mbps. NetCologne started rolling out the fibre network in Huerth Berrenrath and Gleuel in November. The completion of the expansion work in Huerth is expected at the end of the year when all 24,000 households will have access to NetCologne’s fiber grid…..

Google to bring Fiber Gigabit Internet to San Francisco

Google is due to roll out its Google Fiber broadband service in San Francisco using existing fiber infrastructure. Google said that it will bring service to some apartments, condos, and affordable housing properties using existing fiber…..

Clearfield to Participate at the Northland Capital Markets Growth Conference on March 9, 2016

Clearfield, the leading provider of fiber optic management and connectivity solutions, has been invited to participate in the Northland Capital Markets Growth Conference on Wednesday, March 9, 2016. The conference will be held at the Omni Berkshire Place Hotel in New York City….


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