Fiber Optic News 2015 March 9


Power Grid gets the nod for four investment proposals worth Rs 1481.00 crore

The third investment approval is for the establishment of the Fiber Optic Communication System in the Northern Region under Fiber Optic Expansion Project …

China reveals the ‘Internet Plus’ plan to modernize and go cloudy

… and Internet service over a single broadband connection and accelerate the development of fiber-optic networks, significantly increase broadband …

AT&T plans to offer fiber-optic Internet in Independence

The telecommunication giant announced on Sunday new fiber-optic Internet packages, called GigaPower, will be available in downtown Kansas City …

French FTTH subs nudge 1m

935,000 of these were FTTH connections, representing a 67% increase in 2014. Moreover, the increase in superfast broadband has been mirrored by …

Finnish detached homes often lack fiber broadband access

Optical fiber building has not progressed constantly or in the way it was hoped in the areas that fall between dense population centers and sparsely …

New cable to provide faster access for consumers, businesses

Pakistan is connected with the cyber world through four undersea fiber optic cables. These include India-Middle East-Western Europe (I-ME-WE), …

Canford announces the introduction of Lusem OxLinx optical fiber HDMI range extending cables

OxLinx cables offer a considerably more elegant and cost-effective solution for long HDMI cable runs than Cat5E cable with converter box systems.

Pathanamthitta SSA in expansion mode

Mr. George said the BSNL would complete the project to extend optical fiber connectivity to all 54 grama panchayats and eight block panchayats in the …

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